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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 23, 2011

Kalimba Claims His Innocence, Has 6 Days to Present Evidence He didn’t Rape Minor

As Mexican pop star, Kalimba faced a judge for the first time on his rape charges; his fans were holding a vigil outside of the Quintaa Roo prison he is being held in.

Kalimba, 28,  is in jail after a warrant was issued on Wednesday for his arrest and after being returned to Mexico on Thursday from the U.S. via a deportation process.  Kalimba went to El Paso to record an album and visit his sister according to insiders, while others allege he went there to avoid detention.

Nonetheless, Kalimba stoically faced the Judge yesterday and signed a statement asserting his innocence in the December 19th event that lead to accusations he raped a 17-year old girl in a hotel after a performance.  In turn the judge gave the Mexican pop star, and former member of OV7, six days to present evidence in his case.