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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 18, 2011

Kalimba Accused of Raping Ex Girlfriend and her 5 Year-old Girl

Kalimba Accused of Raping Ex Girlfriend and her 5 Year-old Girl

Photo: Kalimba Accused of Rape Again

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The Musician denies the accusations brought forth by Kimberly de la Campa, his former fiancée.

Mexican magazine TV Notas published an interview with model Kimberly de la Campa where the model said that both her and her daughter had been attacked sexually by Kalimba.

Del Campo said that the statements given to the court last December by the other alleged victims encouraged her to come forth and denounce the devious actions of the music man.

“When Daiana explained to the word that he screamed when he pulled her, how he positioned her, I was like ‘it can’t be! It is too coincidental!”

The model goes on to describe in full detail how she became suspicious of foul play between Kalimba and her 5 year-old daughter Maria José and took her to a psychologist and then to a gynecologist who told her the child had been molested.

Alberto Woolrich, Kalimba’s lawyer said that Mrs. De la Campa’s accusations obey to his clients refusal to pay an extortion.

“Together with a man she identified as her father in law, Kimberly showed up to Kalimba’s residence and both tried to extortion my client […] Kalimba’s innocence is an irrefutable truth, [these people] pretend to take advantage of a former judicial situation, to obtain financial goods,” said Woolrich.

Kalimba himself published on Twitter that the storm was brewing, and like always proclaimed himself a soldier of God.