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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 5, 2013

JUST IN:  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Has Died

JUST IN:  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Has Died

Photo: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dies

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The left-leaning President of Venezuela and American foe, Hugo Chavez, died 22 minutes ago according to the Venezuelan government, losing his two-year battle with cancer.

Just this morning the country‚Äôs communication minister said that Chavez’ health had taken another turn for the worse with a new and severe infection making breathing difficult. 

Chavez is said to have died at the military hospital he was at upon his return from Cuba.  The 58-year-old President was last seen in public on December 10, 2012 and was so ill he was not able to take his oath of office after having been re-elected in October of last year.

He was first diagnosed with cancer in June, 2011 and was mainly treated in Cuba.  He had undergone four surgeries and numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro fighting back tears made a national broadcast announcement to the country at 4:25 p.m. local time referring to Chavez as comandante President Hugo Chavez Frias.