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Latino Daily News

Monday October 25, 2010

Just in Time for Halloween: Latinos Really Love Scary Movies

According to Nielsen, the movie genres that attract high Latino audiences are family movies first followed by horror-thriller movies.  Hispanics love for family movies have helped make this genre the highest-growing genre in the U.S. market.

However, it’s the horror-thriller movies that Latinos have the highest audience share in.  Experts believe that many Latinos grow up listening to folklore tales with a bit of macabre in them so getting really scared is native to this demographic.  There’s the Llorona who haunts after killing her children and then there’s the very scary El Cucuy (Mexican boogy man) that will come and get you if you disobey your parents – try sleeping at night after hearing those tales.

Basically Hispanics have a great appreciation for a good scary story regardless of how gory it is.  Its Halloween time so bring it on.