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Latino Daily News

Friday December 6, 2013

JUST IN:  Six People Taken to Hospital with Radiation Poison in Mexico

Mexican authorities through Notimex are reporting that six individuals are being treated at a local hospital for radiation poisoning.

It is assumed, though not confirmed, these individuals came in contact with the ‘extremely dangerous’ nuclear material that was stolen earlier this week.  On Monday, a truck carrying cobalt-60 from Tijuana was stolen near Mexico City in the state of Hidalgo when the driver stopped at a gas station. 

The stolen truck, en route from a hospital to a radioactive waste facility, was found two days later with the radioactive material containing high levels of gamma rays still inside but its container opened.  Nuclear experts predicted that whom ever came in contact with the material would face acute radiation poisoning.

Authorities are reporting that two of the people in the hospital are in federal custody and assumed to be the individuals who stole the truck.  According to CNN five adults and one teenager are being treated in a hospital in the city of Pachuca - capital city of Hidalgo.

Mexican authorities and U.S. Homeland Security had issued alerts nationwide warning of the dangers and trying to avert the smuggling of the material used for dirty bombs out of the area.

Nuclear authorities continue to clean up the area near the city of Hueypopxtla where the radioactive material was recovered.  The clean up is expected to take weeks. 


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