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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 20, 2013

JUST IN:  Shots Fired, Reported Injuries at Marijuana Smoke-Out Rally in Denver

JUST IN:  Shots Fired, Reported Injuries at Marijuana Smoke-Out Rally in Denver

Photo: Hip Hop Community

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Denver police are reporting that shots were fired during the Denver rally celebrating the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.  A crowd estimated at 80,000 had gathered to celebrate what is commonly known as 4/20 day – to celebrate Colorado and Washington making pot legal for purposes other than medicinal.

It was during this rally at Civic Center Park when more than three shots were heard injuring two people and causing chaos everywhere.  The event started peacefully enough with music and avid pot smoking throughout the day when the shots were heard.  A man and woman were shot in the legs and are expected to survive according to Denver Police spokesperson, Sonny Jackson.

The shooting occurred a little before 5:00 p.m. local time at this annual pot celebration. The rapper Lil’ Flip was performing when the shots were fired.  There was a large police presence at the rally due to the events in Boston and the potential presence of opposition groups of marijuana legalization.  Police are looking for two suspects, both African American, but do not know what might of motivated the shootings. 

Miguel Lopez, organizer of the rally, closed down the event at 5:20 pm. local time. 

Group smoke-outs to celebrate and promote recreational use of marijuana were planned throughout the U.S. today.