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Latino Daily News

Monday September 19, 2011

JUST IN:  NY Yankee’s Mariano Rivera Makes 602nd Save , Becoming All-Time Saves Leader

If anyone doubted it before it is official as of a few minutes ago, NY Yankee, Mariano Rivera,  is a talent all unto himself.  He just became the all time saves leader and will go down as one of if not the greatest relief pitchers in baseball.

Today in the New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins game the reliever passed Trevor Hoffman’s record by making his 602nd save and giving the Yankees a 6-4 win.  As the game proceeded and Rivera was called to relief pitch the crowd knew what was at stake and started chanting “Let’s Go Mo”.  Rivera had just tied Trevor’s record this past Saturday.

The 41-year old Panama native has been doing his saving since 1997 for the Yankees.  He also leads MLB with 42 career postseason saves and ranks ninth for games pitched , an incredible 1,038 times.