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Tuesday May 24, 2011

JUST IN: Juanes Fires Manager, Puts Singing Career in Hiatus

JUST IN: Juanes Fires Manager, Puts Singing Career in Hiatus

Photo: Juanes and Former Manager Fernán Martínez

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Through a series of Tweets, the Colombian musician unexpectedly canceled three US tour dates, to “take some time off for my family and myself”

Earlier today, Juanes tweeted:

Fortunately, today we have this tool [twitter] to communicate with you, my fans!

…and then,

Of course I’m not retiring from music, that never. I’ve just decided to make a little STOP to spend sometime with my family and myself.

…followed by,

I’m tweeting from the studio, I keep making music every day, I just need a moment of reflection and calm before carrying on!

Juanes’ next two tweets describe how three dates in the US will be cancelled, but in July he will return full throttle to resume the tour through Spain and Latin America.

The ‘Yerbatero’ crooner tweeted that he is no longer conducting business with his former manager, Fernán Martínez:


It’s true that my professional relationship with Fernán has ended, it’s false that I’ll delve into politics, that would be a joke.

“It’s true that I lived a difficult moment with this album. It’s false that that is the only reason. Tiredness brings consequences of every kind,“ was the last thing Juanes tweeted before saying “Because of all the love and respect that I have for my fans, here I leave you the truth!”