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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 4, 2011

UPDATE:  Mexican Mine Explosion Leaves 5 Dead, Little Hope for 9 Missing

UPDATE:  Mexican Mine Explosion Leaves 5 Dead, Little Hope for 9 Missing

Photo: Mexico Explosion in Sabinas

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UPDATE:  The gas explosion in Sabinas, Mexico has left five dead and little hope to find the remaining nine miners alive.  The first team of rescuers sent into the mine on Tuesday quickly found three miners dead and a later search found two more bodies.  A rescue team member attempt to scale down the 197 foot deep shaft and observed that the shaft was mostly collapsed leaving little hope for the missing.

The Mexican government and officials from the mine had already sent out inquiries to Chile hoping for their own ‘rescue miracle’.  The mine is located in the coal mining region of the country and 85 miles southwest from Eagle Pass, Texas. 

The mine had just opened a little over a month ago when the tragedy happened.  Critics are already vocal criticizing the fact that the mine was not unionized and minors were found to be worker there.  A 15-year old was seriously injured when the blast happened Tuesday, he was working at a nearby conveyor belt.

ORIGINAL:  The Mayor of Sabinas, Mexico in the state of Coahuila has announced that a mine explosion that occurred earlier in the day has left 14 miners trapped inside.

The mine, which is 197 deep, is located in the heart of Mexico’s coal mining region which is 80 miles from the U.S. border.  Officials are hopeful that the miners are still alive.

Currently mining officials and Coahuila state civil officials are at the site with a 16 person rescue crew and a back up of 20 others.  Apparently methane gas remains in the mining shaft making any rescue more difficult.

The most recent mining tragedy in the region was in 2006 when 65 miners died after an explosion at the Pasta de Conchos mine.