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Latino Daily News

Friday August 24, 2012

JUST IN:  Deadly Shooting at Empire State Building, Early Reports Say 10 Shot

UPDATE:  Reports are now coming in that the shooter was a fired employee seeking revenge on his employer.  The shooter identified as Jeffery Johnson, 53, was fired from Shanghai Henson Import and Export that operates out of the Empire State Building.  The death toll currently stands at two which includes the shooter and a co-worker he shot.  The eight others that were injured are not believed to have sustained life-threatening injuries.  It is believed they were injured in the crossfire when NYC police engaged the shooter.

ORIGINAL:  There has been a deadly shooting at one of the country’s most iconic buildings, the Empire State Building, leaving a reported 10 individuals shot.

Early reports indicate that the incident started at 9:00am EST outside the Empire State Building that is located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City at 34th and Fifth Avenue. 

Early witness reports indicate the unidentified shooter was shooting ‘indiscriminately’ at people standing nearby with a shotgun.  The shooter is being described by some as a middle-aged white male. 

New York City police who responded quickly to calls of ‘shots fired’, shot the shooter.  CNN is reporting an innocent bystander was shot and killed in the cross-fire.

The body of the shooter remains on the street as the FBI and New York City police investigate the nature of the shooting and determine if this was a random act of violence or an act of terrorism.  No reports yet on the condition of the other people shot.