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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Julio Iglesias Performs in Mexico After a 30-Year Absence

Julio Iglesias Performs in Mexico After a 30-Year Absence

Photo: Julio Iglesias in Mexico City

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Julio Iglesias felt he owed Mexico something for having been 30 years without giving a concert here, so he paid his outstanding debt with affection, moving words, mariachis and his all-time greatest hits.

Iglesias appeared Monday night at Mexico City’s National Auditorium before 10,000 people, using a ploy with which he has conquered half the world - becoming one with the country where he happens to be performing, singing in its language and reflecting its customs, saying on this occasion that he could not feel more Mexican.

“I feel Mexican here tonight…I am where I sing and today I am Mexican,” the artist said, adding that he has sung Mexican music around the world.

Iglesias kicked off the night with the Mexican number “Amor, Amor, Amor” accompanied by six musicians and three exuberant backup singers.

His repertoire included such legendary tunes as “Un Canto a Galicia,” with which he recalled his father and mother, whose genetic input from north and south gave him “a Celtic head and an Andalusian body,” Iglesias said.

He sang “Abrazame,” “Hey!,” “Corazon Parto,” “Derroche” and “Me Va, Me Va,” followed by words of affection for an audience that gave him the energy to get onstage and give his all.

Singing “Por el Amor de una Mujer,” “A Mi Manera” and “Agua Sala,” Iglesias wrapped up the concert after almost three hours of music.