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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 15, 2010

Judge J-Lo To Receive $12 million In ‘American Idol’ Deal

Jennifer Lopez had recently been negotiating with Fox, Fremantle, and 19 Entertainment (American Idol execs) to include a movie and TV pilots at Fox with her American Idol judge-ship, and she was asking $15 million for it.

After much negotiation with American Idol, Lopez will be the next American Idol judge joining Randy Jackson, and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, but that’s it.

JLo and producing partner Simon Fields did receive the American Idol deal but without the film/TV commitments. JLo tried to hold out for a $15 million paycheck, but couldn’t get it and wound up settling for $12M. “I think it was just positioning,” said an insider. “In the end, she didn’t turn up her nose up at $12 million. I would have been very surprised if she had walked away. She needs the money. She lives very very well. It comes at a cost.”

With a less-than-stable music career and a flop of a movie in her very recent past, Jennifer Lopez seems to need American Idol maybe just a little more than they need her.