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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Juarez Police Charged with Sexual Assault Against Men in Custody

Police officers in Mexico’s border town of Juarez have been charged with sexually assaulting two men in their custody.

According to the Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office, four officers working in Juarez - Abraham Lopez Lujan, David González Martinez, Rodolfo Santiago Castellanos, and Saul Valencia Lopez—were charged with torture, aggravated rape, and misuse of authority on Sunday for abusing two men who had been arrested of suspicion of possession of a stolen weapons and a vehicle.

The abuse of the men was reported on October 19th, with the men saying that when he and his alleged accomplice were arrested, the officers shot one of them in the ankle and calf. After they were apprehended, the men say the four officers raped and sexual abused them.

In a statement from Juarez Mayor Hector Murguia to the El Paso Times he said his administration will not cover up for any official or public servant who misuses authority.

The men claiming abuse against them were identified as 20-year-old Cesar Olivas Romero and 22-year-old Jose Ramiro Gurrola Sosa.