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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 2, 2011

Juanes Suspends His Miami Tour Date due to Pressure From Cuban Exiles

Juanes has postponed his April 15th concert in the city of Miami, due to pressure from Cuban exiles who on that date plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the botched invasion of the Bay of Pigs.

The artist’s manager, Fernán Martínez, explained that the concert date had been decided eight months ago, but soon after ads promoting the concert started to run calls from Cuban exiles requesting Juanes cancel the concert, began pouring in.

“For exiles here in Miami, [April 15] is a—I think ‘regrettable’ date; this is why we have decided to avoid this ‘conflict’ which brings out a ‘series of emotions and political factors’ that are foreign to Juanes’ presentation” said Martínez.

The postponement of the concert in Miami, also forced Juanes to suspend the tour dates scheduled for that week. Affected venues include Atlanta, Ga. and Orlando, Fl.

A spokesman for the Colombian rocker said that Juanes himself didn’t want to mix his music concert, with a political problem, and that’s why he decided to simply change the date, and not hurt anybody.

In 2009 Juanes found himself in the midst of a controversy, when he announced that he would take his show “Peace Without Borders” to Havana. Despite the fact that his records were broken and torched by rightist exiles protesting in Miami, the show was a success. 

New dates for the suspended shows have not been announced yet.