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Tuesday May 1, 2012

Juanes Not Only Writes Songs, He Writes for Peace in Colombia

Juanes Not Only Writes Songs, He Writes for Peace in Colombia

Photo: Juanes writes for peace.

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In an article written for the Bogota newspaper, El Tiempo, Colombian singer Juanes recounted his experiences with ex-guerrillas and the need for peace in his beloved country.

In part with his initiative of promoting peace, the singer met with ex-guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Villavicencio, Colombia. When hearing the various stories of the ex-members, Juanes began narrating his own article detailing the surrounding violence and the effect these guerrillas have on not only the people in general, but to the members forced into its cause.

Besides telling of his sentiments in the emotional encounter, Juanes explained in depth the story of a 22 year-old named Jose Luis. The young adult, who has been separated from FARC for three months now, stated that the guerrillas threatened members that leave of want to leave with fear of being tortured and killed.

Juanes stated yesterday that “important threads are moving”, threads towards building peace with the violent areas in the north. The singer further stated that Colombia was in “a unique moment in which we can move towards peace” by listening to these members.

Colombia has been in conflict for a half-a-century now between guerrillas and paramilitaries to the right, consequentially leading to thousands of deaths and displaced people.