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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 2, 2013

Juanes’ Autobiography Will Include “a Tour of Obscure Memories”

Juanes’ Autobiography Will Include “a Tour of Obscure Memories”

Photo: Juanes' Autobiography Will Include "a Tour of Obscure Memories"

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Touching stories about his beginnings, what influenced his music, the burden of fame, his relations with God and even the death of his father - Juanes’ first book is an intimate door to his life.

“I gave myself the job of writing and this was what came out - a tour of obscure memories” from 40 years in the life of this Colombian artist and compiled in “Chasing the Sun” (“Persiguiendo el Sol”), which hits bookstores on Tuesday in both English and Spanish.

In an interview with Efe, Juanes explains what it meant for him to sit down and write an autobiography, a task that took him around six months and which actually began as a book of photos for which he intended to write some explanatory captions and comments.

“It was a very special way to travel back to the beginning,” said Juanes, who, with the help of those photos, many of them never published, recalled “everything that affected me in a positive way.”

Writing this book “was an exercise that allowed me to tell a little about who I was and who I am today,” said Juan Esteban Aristizabal Vasquez, who has sold more than 16 million discs and who admits that his mind went blank the first time he sat down in front of his computer.

Six months later the book has been published, though he has no ambitions to be considered a writer. “This was a first-time exercise, I had never written so much altogether,” the winner of 19 Latin Grammy Awards and two Grammys said.

He speaks openly about how he felt at the death of his father, and even about the importance of religion in his life.

“I have a very personal interpretation of God,” he said, “and for me it’s essential to have faith. It’s very hard not to have it. Every time I have wandered away from that core belief, my life hasn’t worked and I learned that we don’t have to question everything.”