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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 26, 2011

Juan Valdez Café Reaches One Million Facebook Friends!

Juan Valdez Café Reaches One Million Facebook Friends!

Photo: Juan Valdez Café Reaches 1M Facebook Friends

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The iconic Colombian coffee brand with the man in the hat and the burro, has become the top Colombian brand on Facebook with over one million “friends”

With over 40 million visits to their online content this year and Facebook fans in Colombia, USA, Venezuela, Ecuador, Spain, Panamá and Spain, Juan Valdez Café‘s friend base has grown at a rate of more than 30k Fans per month!

“Even when our job at Juan Valdez Café is oriented toward generating new experiences around Colombia’s premium coffee, and while this is objective is achieved in every encounter that customers have with our products, the fact that we are on Facebook adds a new dimension to our relationship with our customers and to what Juan Valdez Café means to them” said Hernán Méndez Bages, president of Procafecol, Colombia’s Coffee promoting association.