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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 7, 2012

Jose Luis Perales Performs His Greatest Hits in Chile

Jose Luis Perales Performs His Greatest Hits in Chile

Photo: Jose Luis Perales

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Spanish singer-songwriter Jose Luis Perales, who has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, delighted thousands of his Chilean fans who, despite the cold and rain, jammed the venue where he performed, urged him on and also sang along with him as he ran through his biggest hits.

Since before the artist came onstage on Saturday evening, the women in the audience - most of them adults - were screaming for him, a steady roar that multiplied many times when his accompanying musicians first appeared and, after them, the singer of “Por que te vas” showed up, that song being one that more than 40 artists have recorded.

Perales led off with a number from his latest musical production “Calle Soledad,” not well known in Chile and thus his performance was able to be heard, but when he performed “Quisiera decir tu nombre” the Caupolican Theater erupted in thunderous cheers.

“Mijito rico,” “Idolo,” “Te amo,” “Te comeria” and “Estoy loca por ti” were among the songs that drove the female members of the audience wild.

Accompanied by eight young bandmembers, Perales clearly enjoyed performing several of his new numbers and, after those, a barrage of his older songs such as “Pequeño marinero,” “Amada mia,” “Por amor,” “Y te vas,” “A quien le importara” and “Le llamaban loca,” among others.

Perales, who has written more than 400 songs, was called back for an encore and had to reassemble his group onstage and perform two more of his favorites, including “Un velero llamado Libertad,” after which he literally had to tear himself away from the stage and his appreciative fans.