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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 2, 2011

Jose Cuervo Toasts Takeru Kobayashi: Who Needs an Official Contest to be a Legend?

Jose Cuervo Toasts Takeru Kobayashi: Who Needs an Official Contest to be a Legend?

Photo: Takeru Kobayashi- Six Time Hot Dog Eating Champion

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Upon hearing that Takeru Kobayashi,  arguably the most legendary competitive eater in history, is not permitted to participate in the annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest this year, Jose Cuervo, the world’s best selling tequila, has offered a legendary reward for claiming an unofficial first place.

Banned from the annual hot dog eating competition at Coney Island for refusing to sign an exclusive contract, Kobayashi recently announced that he will be competing unofficially by racing against the telecast. When the official event begins on television, he will commence eating – at a New York City bar that is hosting his attempt in front of a crowd expected to be in the hundreds – and will stop after 10 minutes when the competitors he is “virtually” racing are forced to stop.

If the six-time champion can eat more hot dogs than the crowned winner at the Coney Island event this Fourth of July, thus making him the “would be” champion for his seventh title, Jose Cuervo has offered him an all expenses paid trip to its historic Tequila distillery, La Rojena, located in the heart of Mexico’s Tequila region. In addition, Cuervo will immortalize him with a customized bottle of Especial Gold that dons his image on the label.

“Jose Cuervo is a legendary brand so we respect the legendary feats of others,” said Ami-Lynn Bakshi, Vice President Marketing, Jose Cuervo.  “Put the red tape aside:  if Kobayashi proves he is the world’s best hot dog eater, he deserves to be recognized as such.  And who better to celebrate the achievements of the world’s best competitive eater than the world’s best-selling and oldest tequila?”

“While we wish Kobayashi well in his effort, we hope that he shares our commitment to responsible drinking and realizes adult beverages are meant to be enjoyed in moderation, unlike his eating spectacles,” Bakshi continued.  “To that end, win or lose we’ll want to buy him a celebratory shot of Jose Cuervo and we’ll pick up the taxi fare to ensure he gets home safely and responsibly.”

Jose Cuervo insists that all legendary competitors should have the freedom to compete, especially on Independence Day. Kobayashi has a successful history in his expertise, just as Jose Cuervo has in the Tequila industry. In 1758, King Carlos IV of Spain granted Don Jose Cuervo a parcel of land close to the town of Tequila where Jose Cuervo’s distillery still stands today, making La Rojena a suitable prize for Kobayashi’s hopeful victory, official or not.

Jose Cuervo reminds you to live legendary. Please drink responsibly.