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Friday February 24, 2012

José Baez, Casey Anthony’s Attorney, Quits

José Baez, Casey Anthony’s Attorney, Quits

Photo: Jose Baez Quits Casey Anthony

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Jose Baez, officially withdrew from Casey Anthony’s legal team this week according to the Orange County Clerk of Courts website.  As of today, no other attorney has replaced Baez. 

Baez , an attorney from Florida, became nationally known after defending Casey Anthony.  Since winning this case, Baez now faces two Florida Bar Association complaints.  According to the Orlando Sentinel one of the complaints involves his failure to share discovery information with the prosecution as the trial was upcoming. 

Since her victory in court, Anthony has been publicly starting her new life; releasing photographs and videos of things such as a new nose piercing, hairstyle and her dog.  However she has yet to mention her deceased daughter, Caylee Anthony, in any of these videos.  She is currently living at an undisclosed location in Florida while on probation for her check fraud conviction.

Baez, although now off the Casey Anthony defense team, is a senior partner in his Kissimmee, Florida law firm.