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Latino Daily News

Monday November 28, 2011

Infamous Murder Suspect Joran Van Der Sloot Sues Perú Govt, Vicitm’s Dad

Infamous Murder Suspect Joran Van Der Sloot Sues Perú Govt, Vicitm’s Dad

Photo: Joran Van Der Sloot

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Murder suspect Joran Van Der Sloot claims his human rights were violated when the Chilean government extradited him to Perú and is seeking $10M in damages.

According to Van Der Sloot’s suit, former Perú president Alan García pressured the Chilean government to have him extradited, a violation of his rights.

Furthermore, Van Der Sloot says police in Chile denied him access to a telephone, or the right to proper counsel.

In addition to Alan García, the lawsuit implicates former Peruvian Minister of Interior Octavio Salazar, former police generals Miguel Hidalgo and Cesar Guardia, as well as Ricardo Flores, the father of murder victim Stephany Flores.

Van der Sloot is charged with the death of Flores in a Lima hotel in May 2010. Prosecutors say they are seeking a 30-year sentence in her killing. The trial is set for Jan. 6.

Van der Sloot’s lawsuit against Chile is not the first time the Dutch murder suspect has complained his rights were violated.

Shortly after he was extradited he filed a complaint against investigators in Perú, claiming his laptop was improperly searched, and that he was arrested without a warrant and never provided with an official translator, which allegedly caused confusion during interrogation.

Van der Sloot is also the main suspect in the disappearance of Mountain Brook’s, Natalee Holloway, back in 2005. The Alabama 18-year-old, was on a trip to the island of Aruba with classmates when she disappeared. Van der Sloot, was arrested two times, but since the body of Holloway was never found, lack of evidence became his out-of-jail-card; he wrote a book about the case in 2007.