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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 22, 2014

Joint Mexico-U.S. Animated Film “El Americano” Coming to Theaters in 2015

Joint Mexico-U.S. Animated Film “El Americano” Coming to Theaters in 2015

Photo: "El Americano 3D"

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“El Americano 3D,” billed as the first major U.S.-Mexican animated co-production, will be released in the first quarter of 2015, Variety magazine reported.

Lisa Kudrow, known for her work on the hugely popular TV series “Friends,” heads an ensemble voice cast that also includes teenage actor Rico Rodriguez (“Modern Family”), Cheech Marin (“Spy Kids”), Kate del Castillo (“La reina del sur”), Erik Estrada (“CHiPS”), and Mexican-American actor and director Edward James Olmos, who is also a co-producer.

“El Americano” is the fourth film - and first CGI movie - made at the Animex Producciones animated studio in Puebla, Mexico. Burbank, California-based Olmos Productions also has co-production credits.

The film will premiere in both Mexico and the United States in the first three months of 2015, including an initial 1,200-screen U.S. theatrical release.

Deals also have been reached at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival to distribute the film in Russia and in Asian countries.

Variety describes the movie as a “revisionist take on the U.S. as a fount of role models for young Mexicans.”

The film “makes us realize that the answers to our struggles are right there in our own hearts,” Olmos was quoted as saying.

It tells the story of Cuco, a young Mexican parrot who embarks on an epic quest to persuade an American crime-fighting TV celebrity to help defend his family from bullies, the magazine said.

Cuco learns, however, that he can become a hero without anyone else’s help.


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