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Tuesday May 29, 2012

Jets Interesting Off-Season Quarterback Watch: Sanchez vs Tebow

Jets Interesting Off-Season Quarterback Watch: Sanchez vs Tebow

Photo: Offseason Battle: Mark Sanchez vs Tim Tebow

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The New York Giants are coming off an improbable run to win the Super Bowl last season, but the other New York football team is hogging the offseason headlines.

When Peyton Manning decided to take his talents to the Denver, the New York Jets stepped in and traded for the popular Tim Tebow. The move surprised many because the Jets financially committed to a different quarterback in Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez, a favorite amongst Latino fans, was the fifth overall selection by the Jets in the 2009 NFL Draft. He has started 47 games in three seasons, but has been average statistically. Sanchez took the Jets to back-to-back AFC Champions games in his first two seasons, but the Jets missed the playoffs last season. Sanchez put up his best stats in 2011 by throwing for 3,474 yards and 26 touchdowns.

Tim Tebow was drafted by Denver in the first round of the 2010 Draft. He became popular because of his play at the University of Florida and because Christianity is a huge part of his life. Tebow started 11 games last season and took the Broncos to the playoffs after several fourth quarter rallies. However, Tebow has been criticized for his throwing technique and only completed 46.5 percent of his throws in 2011. Tebow is a great running quarterback and racked up 660 rushing yards on 122 attempts last season. Tebow threw and ran for a combined 18 touchdowns. Tebow led the Broncos to a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they lost in the divisional round to the New England Patriots.

The Jets have started their organized team workouts and the media has closely watched. Sanchez is the starter as of now and has garnered high praise from his coaches, according to the Washington Times.

Tebow has struggled so far in practice by tossing interceptions and not making the easy throws. He admitted that he is still learning and developing. 

The Jets quarterback situation should be in interesting this year. Tebow is a media darling and is now in the media capital of the country. Sanchez must compose himself and shy away from people who want Tebow to start at quarterback. If the Jets lose games early in the season, Tebow will replace Sanchez and “Tebow-mania” will hit the Big Apple.

Story Written by HS News Sports Writer:  Nate Jacobson