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Latino Daily News

Friday January 21, 2011

JesusHatesObama.com Nixed as Super Bowl Ad by FOX – What do You Think?

The Fox Network, home of Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin, has nixed its first Super Bowl commercial for February 6, 2011, which mixes, Jesus, Obama and capitalism.

The ad promotes the site JesusHatesObama.com, which is a retailer of kitschy items like tee shirts and coffee mugs making fun of the President, his policies and his alleged dislike of Jesus.  What’s the problem we ask, it’s capitalism at its best – we think?

We actually are wondering how JesusHatesObama.com can afford the very high-ticket price for a Super Bowl ad that can run in the millions of dollars.  Clearly they are selling a lot of $19.95 tee shirts that say: “Jesus Love You…but Hates Obama”

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