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Saturday May 19, 2012

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips Go Head-to-Head for ‘American Idol’ Title

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips Go Head-to-Head for ‘American Idol’ Title

Photo: Michael Becker / FOX

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The audiences have spoken and the final two on American Idol have been revealed to be Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.

Joshua Ledet was eliminated on Thursday night, and he wanted to keep it together and not shed any tears – but when he started to get comfort from everyone else he “lost it a little.”

“I felt good about the whole situation, but when people come up to you and try to comfort you and hug you, then the tears start coming, and then a whole bunch of other stuff,” he told People. “So just getting their support, it kind of took over, and I kind of lost it a little.”

He went on to say that there are no hard feelings between he and the top 2, Phillips and Sanchez.

“I’m not gonna say I was surprised, because Phillip and Jessica are great, and they have huge fan bases,” he said. “They deserve it just like anyone else.”

Ledet, who pulled his mom up on stage with him when he was eliminated, expressed his excitement for the remaining 2.

“I was super excited for Phillip and Jessica,” he added. “I was trying to hold a smile up, and I was definitely not upset. I felt relieved. A lot of pressure was off of me, and I feel really good.”

Switching gears to the upcoming finale, Reuters reports it will take place on Tuesday, and will last for two hours – with both Phillips and Sanchez performing most of the time.

The winner will be crowned on Wednesday of next week.