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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 21, 2010

Jessica Alba and Twitter Mom Working Together on New Sitcom About What Else: Crazed Mom’s

Jessica Alba, and writer Jhoni Marchinko, have begun work on a show tentatively titled The Mother of All Something.

The idea for the show comes from Twitter mom, Kelly Oxford (@kellyoxford), whose hilarious Twitter updates (tweets) have caught the attention of nearly 70,000 followers, and the eye of actress and mother Jessica Alba.

Oxford says Alba had been looking for a writer with a sarcastic and funny outlook, and when the actress found Oxford she contacted her through her Twitter page.

“She wanted a script written by a woman that was funny, and liked my voice,” Oxford says. “So I told her: ‘I did write something. I wrote this pilot.’”

Oxford was already acquainted with former Will & Grace writer Jhoni Marchinko, as the two had written the pilot she spoke of together.

Alba will be the executive producer for the show and many are speculating she may make a guest appearance, though no casting announcements have been made.  The show will focus on Oxford’s life as a mother, something mommy Alba can surely relate to.

“The scariest part of the American Dream is the fact that Sarah Palin is living it.”

“Adulthood, in a nutshell, is making your kids finish their fruit while you hide in the pantry and eat milk duds for breakfast.”

“Lazy + Smart = Efficient”