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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 29, 2013

Jennifer Lopez’ Bare-Ass Shaking Upsets Family-Friendly British TV Audience

The U.S. maybe use to Jennifer Lopez’ exposing her back-side with her barely-there couture but clearly it is not appreciated across the pond.

Lopez, 43, made a guest appearance last night on the family-friendly show “Britain’s Got Talent”  where she performed her new single “Live it Up”.  What got the audience all riled up was her thong-like leather outfit that featured bare ass butt checks and a very high crotch front.  Luckily she was covered from the waist up with a fur bolero.

America’s Got Talent is part of the Britain’s Got Talent franchise founded by Simon Cowell. 

U.K. media watch dog agency OFCOM received numerous complaints about J Lo’s performance.  They have confirmed they are looking into the matter.  The controversy got a lot of buzz on Twitter with comments such as “WTF is Jennifer loopez wearing? BGT is a family show love…what a dirtbag?!!!  “#JenniferLopez put some clothes on, #BGT is a family show, what sort of role model are you being for the young girls watching?”

Ouch. For her part Lopez appeared oblivious to the controversy going as far as posting a picture of her stripper-like outfit on her Instagram account.