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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 17, 2013

Jenni Rivera’s Family Hard at Work Preserving Her Legacy

Jenni Rivera’s Family Hard at Work Preserving Her Legacy

Photo: Jenni Rivera Remembered

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Family members of the late Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera are working to preserve the legacy of the so-called “diva of the band.”

In an interview with Efe, her younger sister Rosie Rivera described the plans and projects the family has been developing to preserve the memory of the diva, who died last December in a plane crash in northern Mexico.

Speaking of “Unbreakable: My Story, My Way,” the autobiography of the singer, Rosie said that “the book, thank God, is doing very well. The publisher told me it has broken all records for a Latino writer. It has also been a New York Times Best Seller and that was also our goal.”

The book, which went on sale July 2, the same day its author would have been 44, was No. 1 on Amazon for several weeks.

As for the movie that has been announced about the life of the artist, Rosie, who is executive director of Jenni Rivera Enterprises and responsible for managing her sister’s estate, said the family “has been very clear with them.”

“It’s not something we authorized. We know it won’t have the true essence of Jenni,” she said.

“We as a family and as a company are working on the official film,” she said, adding that they have already lined up a “great Hollywood writer” who has won an Oscar and big prizes for his movies,” to write the screenplay for the film, though they still do not wish to reveal his name.


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