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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 10, 2011

Jedi Knight School Opens In Chile

Jedi Knight School Opens In Chile

Photo: Jedi School Opens in Chile

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Now, even in places far, far away in Chile, parents can instruct their young padawans on the ways of the force!

The Jedi school is located some 75 miles from Santiago, and is reportedly the third of its kind, with Jedi academies already taking pupils in New York and Romania.

“As a Tae-kwon-do and yoga instructor,” said William Berrueta, founder (Jedi Master?) of the school, “I got the idea of integrating aspects of these disciplines with meditation and create something more holistic and at the same time fun for kids and youths.”

As part of advanced training, students get to use an exact replica—sounds, lights and all, of Luke Skywalker’s light saber; training however, is not exclusive to sword combat, it also includes martial arts, meditation and even some acting training.

“The idea is to develop stability as a school, and eventually thinking of larger projects, like opening an academy in Santiago, and so on” Berrueta said.

....And may the force be with you.