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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Jarritos Looking to Pick Up the Young Non-Hispanic Male Demographic

Jarritos Looking to Pick Up the Young Non-Hispanic Male Demographic

Photo: Jarritos Looking to Pick Up the Young Non-Hispanic Male Demographic

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In an attempt to reel in the non-Hispanic male consumer, the Mexican soft drink Jarritos has put out new advertising, including English-language advertisements on Pandora, the internet music provider.

With sales in the U.S. between $150 million and $200 million in 2010 Jarritos is well on its way becoming a niche soft drink.

Though Jarritos is a Mexican soft drink, Novamez, of El Paso, Texas, owns the Jarritos brand and the rights to market it in the U.S.

Novamex marketing director David Flynn told the New York Times, “Three years ago, we decided to broaden our reach. We saw opportunities elsewhere. We had pretty good awareness in non-Hispanic Los Angeles, the market is very integrated. It only makes sense that we talk to a wider audience particularly in a market like Los Angeles, where people know the brand.”

In various L.A. neighborhoods, Jarritos had street artist Federico Archuleta to paint murals on buildings with various designs and the advertising campaign tagline, “We’re not from around here.”

In addition, Jarritos is also handing out free samples of the beverage, which uses granulated natural sugar instead of the high-fructose corn syrup that most popular soft drinks contain.

A new website was also launched, along with a creative contest (read about and enter here) to get more people interested in the brand.

Novamex could face a issue however, as the young male demographic can be hard to please, especially when offered a soft drink that not every store sells.

Only about 50 percent of U.S. grocery stores with annual sales of over $2 million carry the drink, meaning that if a potential consumer likes the drink, but cannot find it, all the effort put in to attracting him to the product could be undone.

Also, as well-known faces like Michelle Obama’s pushing to get America on a healthier track, the demand for sugary drinks could also cause problems for the growing brand.