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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 31, 2011

Jaime Bayly’s Ex Spills the Beans Through “Fiction” (VIDEO)

Luis Corbacho, Jaime Bayly’s former Argentine fling has come forward to speak about the dirty secrets of the once Presidential candidate Peruvian journalist.

Jaime Bayly is known for his incisive comments, and open sexuality. Lately, the journalist has made it to tabloids for his somewhat messy divorce and caustic treatment of the women in his life—ex-wife, daughter, mother, and for his romance with the 20+ years younger novelist who will give birth to Bayly’s third daughter anytime now, if she hasn’t.

Following his first divorce, Bayly met Corbacho in Argentina; Corbacho was writing an article on the controversial journalist, but didn’t know who he was. The encounter turned into a first date of sorts, and Bayly asked the 23 year old Argentine for his number, called him, stood him up, called him again, and reeled him along with the “perfect” relationship, even promising they would get married, until “by mistake I found pictures of her [young novelist Silvia Nuñez], jumping on a bed wearing only panties, a hideous gift wrapped t-shirt, and a love letter.” Bayly allegedly teared the photos and letter, saying it was just a crazy fan, but eventually broke it off with Corbacho, to have a child with his crazy fan.

A few months ago, Bayly published an article in several places cruelly titled “The fugue of the worm,” where he made public his relationship with the young Argentine. 

“Eight years ago, I met a journalist at a Buenos Aires hotel. It wasn’t long before we became best friends. For eight years, this youth didn’t live with me, but lived off me, without denying anything to himself,” Bayly wrote.

Ever since, Corbacho began writing on his blog, waging a written war against one of the most celebrated journalists in Latin America. At times, it reads as the cries of a brokenhearted lover; reading between the lines, however offers an interesting depiction of the man who has manifested interest in running for president of Perú.

“The ‘Madman’ is a character in my blog” says Corbacho, who wrote a fiction novel titled .My loved Mr. B.’ “any similarity with reality is coincidental”

Corbacho hurries to say that the stories and characters of his blog are fictional works inspired by true events, but it is up to the reader believe how much of it is true.

True or not, the ‘Madman’ is “a character that has abused drugs so much, that his brain is destroyed, and his talent has been left behind his depressive madness”

The “Madman” loves talking trash of half the world, she called Shakira a dwarf and said her family is ‘unpresentable.’ The day Mario Vargas Llosa won the Nobel prize, the Madman threw a royal fit, and before, when Roncagliolo won the Alfaguara Prize, he almost gave himself an aneurism.

Corbacho says he is worried about Bayly’s drug use, and complete detachment from his family, whom at least while the pair were together, Bayly considered the light of his life.

On the same breath, however, Corbacho’s blog characters practice and enjoy incest, to the point of the author asking the question, could the Madman’s son be really his brother in law’s?

The whole thing sounds like a day on the set of Jerry Springer. Incidentally, talkshow host Laura Bozzo said “There is one person that I would never like to encounter in my life, and that is Jaime Bayly. What do I think about his current life? Perfect for ‘Laura in America’ but not ‘Laura in Mexico’.”