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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 7, 2010

Jaime Bayly Latest Novel an Homage to Stieg Larsson’s Influence

A scathing critic, a failed writer, a vain journalist, a thieving editor, and a betraying woman are the victims of Jaime Bayly protagonist in his new work “Moriras Manana: El Escritor Sale a Matar,” the first installment in a trilogy to be published by Alfaguara.

Jaime Bayly was born in Lima, Peru, in 1965. After 10 years as a journalist, in 1994 he began his writing career with the novel No Se lo Digas a Nadie. He is a renown Latin American political pundit and former Peruvian Presidential candidate whose popular TV show was allegedly cancelled in retaliation for his political views.

“I have an indeterminate, and certainly a large number of enemies. But true enemies are those that you refuse to leave alive when you know you are going to die soon,” said Jaime Bayly.

The author stated that the enemies exterminated in his new book are inspired by real people, making this a must read especially in Peru and Latin America.

“I wouldn’t have written this novel if I hadn’t read Stieg Larsson trilogy. As a writer, Larsson humiliated me, as a reader, he drugged me,” stated Bayly to El Comercio newspaper.