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Sunday June 30, 2013

J Lo’s Messy Money-Grab:  Performs for Dictator and All Around Bad Guy

J Lo’s Messy Money-Grab:  Performs for Dictator and All Around Bad Guy

Photo: J Lo and Money Grab

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Jennifer Lopez has gotten herself into a bit of a public relations mess with her obvious money grab in accepting an invitation to perform for the President of Turkmenistan,  Gurbanguly Berdiimuhamedow,  better known as a dictator in international circles.

Lopez performed in the former Soviet bloc country at a party hosted by China National Petroleum Corp.  Yes we know China and Soviet bloc in the same sentence should of triggered enough ‘red’ alerts for J Lo not to consider going.  Therefore we assume the paycheck was muy bueño for Jenny on the Block.

The birthday party was at the plush resort of Avaza yesterday night to celebrate the dictator’s 56th birthday.  Lopez was said to have performed many of her hits and then capped off the night with a rendition of “Happy Birthday Mr. President,” channeling the spirit of Marilyn Monroe.  Since most of the citizens in Turkmenistan are impoverished and not allowed contact with the rest of the world we assume J Lo did not go on a tour of the country. 

One of Lopez entourage was so clueless that he tweeted “wonder where all my Turkmenistan followers are?” 

Turkmenistan has been cited by the Human Rights Watch organization amongst others for its repressive government and human rights violations. 

This is no surprise for those that follow Lopez’ career and are aware of her propensity to play where there is a big paycheck no matter the check endorser.  She performed for a Uzbek businessman’s wedding,  the Azeri oligarch Telman Isamilov and other unidentified Russian businessmen in the not too distant past. All these performances garnered her on average a $1 million.

J Lo is one of the few high-profile U.S. performers to accept invitations to play private concerts throughout Russia according to the Guardian U.K. 

Lopez’ team felt the uproar and public relations mess this was causing especially since Lopez was just invited to be a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures this week.  Her team said if she had known Turkmenistan was infested with repressiveness and human rights violators should would of never gone.

We aren’t sure if J Lo doesn’t know how to use Google or her team that vetted the invitation doesn’t or worse they didn’t care because there were too many zero’s on the check.