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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 13, 2011

iTunes Store Opens in Latin America

iTunes Store Opens in Latin America

Photo: Apple Opens iTunes Store in Latin America

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Yesterday, Latin American iTunes Store users could only download apps for their Apple devices; today, they can purchase music, movies, TV shows and more!

At midnight this morning, the iTunes Store opened its virtual doors to users in Chile, Brazil, Perú, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panamá and Venezuela.

Users in those countries can now browse the ample iTunes Store library and use an international credit card to purchase music at an average of $0.99 a song and around $9.99 for an entire album.

Movies and TV shows are also available to purchase or rent, starting at $2.99.

There is also a special section for the Latino Musical Market, featuring artists like Shakira, Maná, Calle 13 and Juanes.

The “opening” was unannounced and came after weeks of rumors that Apple would open the iTunes Store exclusively in Brazil, the only nation in the region to have access to iTunes Match, which allows users to upload their music to the cloud, and download it to all their devices.

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