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Tuesday November 12, 2013

It’s Official Pisco is Peruvian

It’s Official Pisco is Peruvian

Photo: Peruvian Pisco

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Written by contributor Jonathan Stroshine

Pisco is Peruvian!

That was the assertion made by the European Commission (EC) and announced by Peru’s Foreign Ministry this week regarding the alcoholic beverage often associated with the South American country.

Peru and Chile have disputed who invented the liquor, which can be made from eight different grape varieties that are distilled and aged.  Peruvian pisco must have an alcohol content between 76% to 96% proof. Pisco can be enjoyed by itself or mixed with in cocktails.  This latest turn in the dispute does not mean that Chilean exporters of the drink cannot use the name “Pisco” for their products, specified Lima newspaper El Comercio.

The EC decision establishes the Peruvian town of Pisco as the geographical origin of the drink and will thus protect Peru’s right to claim its provenance in the European marketplace Pisco has been producing the drink since the 16th century, with production formulas passed down from generation to generation.

The official classification gives Peru protection within the European Union and assures that the liquor will be internationally known as a Peruvian product. “With this important recognition, Pisco will enjoy immediate protection inside the market of the European Union, safeguarding the solid rights of Peru about its denomination origin at an international level,” a EC spokesperson noted.

“This recognition is a result of the intense work over several years by the Foreign Ministry and forms part of the diverse actions that the Chancellery does in the world for the protection and promotion of our national drink,” said the Foreign Ministry in a press release.

Peruvian newspaper Publimetro contributed to this report.



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