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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 13, 2011

It’s Official:  People’s Most Beautiful Woman is Jennifer Lopez

It’s Official:  People’s Most Beautiful Woman is Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Jennifer Lopez: Most Beautiful Woman

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UPDATE:  Well it’s official Jennifer Lopez is People’s “Most Beautiful” for this year.  In her interview she admits in jest to her ‘diva’ reputation and how the real her just likes to be casual and without make-up.  HUH?? 

The Puerto-Rican beauty keeps adding titles to her resume, so besides ‘American Idol Judge’, she will be know for the rest of the year as the world’s most beautiful woman.

The 41-year old from the Bronx joins former winners like Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry and sees being beautiful as ‘part of my job’. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Though it’s not official – many sources are loudly whispering that People magazine’s 2011 ‘Most Beautiful’ cover star is Jennifer Lopez.  With her stint on American Idol being covered by the press daily to reviving her singing career with a hot new single “Love?” J Lo is everywhere.

The formal announcement as to who will don the very coveted cover shot will be made official by the magazine on Wednesday, April 13th.

This weekend Lopez might of given the secret away when she tweeted that she was going to some kind of shoot for People Magazine. “Early Call Today for @peoplemag shoot!”