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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 6, 2013

Italy’s Top Narco Caught in Colombia, Friendly with Mexican Cartels

Italy’s Top Narco Caught in Colombia, Friendly with Mexican Cartels

Photo: Policia Nacional de Colombia

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Italy’s biggest narco, Roberto Pannunzi, has been caught in Colombia after a daring escape from justice in 2010.

Pannunzi an Italian Mafioso is often referred to as the “Pablo Escobar of Italy” for the large quantities of cocaine he moves.  He is known as a bulk purchaser of coke moving 6,000 pounds and up, at a time,  of Mexican-Colombian cocaine from Latin America to Europe.  He keeps close ties with Italy’s Cosa Nostra and Colombian and Mexican narcos.

His coke transporting stories are legendary.  He once purchased a Greek container ship in cash to move a large shipment of Colombia cocaine.  Allegedly the ship sank with its cargo lost to the sea.  Equally legendary is his ability to avoid prison.

He is known as a snappy dresser that likes to shop for men’s clothing.  His cover in his native Rome was running a men’s boutique.  Therefore it is poetic justice in some way that he was arrested in Bogota at a shopping mall with Venezuelan identification.

His 2010 escape was his second such escape from a medical clinic where he was being held under house arrest.  In 1999 while under house arrest at a medical facility he reportedly bribed his way out of captivity. 

Pannunzi was arrested on Friday and immediately deported today for Rome.  Upon his arrest Pannunzi said he was feeling ill but it is doubtful he will be held in a clinic ever again.  Upon arrival Pannunzi will begin the 16 ½ year prison sentence he skipped out on in 2010.