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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 6, 2011

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi Faces ‘Panty Protest’ Over his Sexacapdes

Hundreds of Italian women signed up to participate in a ‘panty protest’ over their Italian Prime Minister’s ongoing sexcapades, this weekend.  The protesters threw panties at the Prime Minister’s Milan villa, the site of his ‘bunga bunga’ sex parties and where several of his paid lady friends occasionally reside.

The protests were country wide and were held in an effort to promote his resignation.  Berlusconi is under investigation for having paid for sex with a minor and having his office cover it up.

Other protest rallies are being planned via Facebook.  One of the more larger protests is scheduled for February 13th , featuring well known writers Umberto Eco and Roberto Saviano.  The protest organizers state “Italy is not a republic founded on prostitution,” and they want to make enough noise and nuisance to motivate Berlusconi to step down. 


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