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Monday August 29, 2011

Is This the Next Cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Is This the Next Cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Photo: Whose on 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Though there hasn’t been an official announcement from ‘Dancing With the Stars’ on who will be in the next cast but there is plenty of speculation. 

USA Today has thus far provided the most comprehensive list and its a doozy: 

Nancy Grace (legal eagle), Kristin Cavalleri (actress, sort of), Riki Lake, Chynna Phillips (former member of the Wilson Sisters), Hope Solo (soccer superstar), Elisabetta Canalis (former George Clooney girlfriend), David Arquette (ex of Courtney Cox), Rob Karadashian (least known member of the Karadashian clan), Ryan O’Neal (ex of Farrah), J.R. Martinez (actor, burn victim), Chaz Bono (Cher’s son/daughter) and Ron Artest (athlete).


The official cast will be released tonight on ABC during the airing of Bachelor Pad 2.