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Latino Daily News

Monday November 1, 2010

Is this the ‘Day of the Dead’ for the Democratic Party?

As many Latino households prepare their home altars in homage to El Dia de los Muertos also known as Day of the Dead, we are left to wonder if tomorrow will actually be the Day of the Dead for the Democratic Party.

A Day of the Dead altar or ofrenda honors the recently deceased with their picture and momentos of what they loved and would need in the after life.  In case the Democratic Party needs their own Day of the Dead altar HS News has prepared one for them.

Any Democratic Party ‘death’ altar must have all the key personnel that have departed (i.e. jumped ship) the Obama administration including Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and General Stanley McChrystal.  We also put in Nancy Pelosi’s picture to honor her probable demotion in no longer being Speaker of the House.  Of course the altar must honor the likely hood that a Republican majority will cause the death of Obamacare and repealed tax breaks but front and center to the death altar is Obama’s reelection possibilities.

Most Hispanic households view the Day of the Dead as a celebration however tomorrow the Democrats might view this as a funeral - we will see.


Photo Credits: Juan Laverde for HS-News. Click on image to enlarge.