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Latino Daily News

Friday November 2, 2012

Is Mexico’s Paulina Rubio the Next Naomi Campbell?

Is Mexico’s Paulina Rubio the Next Naomi Campbell?

Photo: Paulina Rubio Bitch Slaps Assistant

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You know you have successfully made a cross-over as a Latin artist when your crazy shit makes it to TMZ, the premier digital gossipmonger. 

Allegedly ragin’ Paulina Rubio slapped her allegedly incompetent assistant “on or about October 28”, Felipe Betancur Restrepo, who is now suing her.  Rubio’s lackey had the nerve to book Rubio in coach versus first class on a flight from Miami-to-Mexico.  After taking his beating on the plane (where are the Air Marshal’s when you need them), that consisted of bitch slaps, punches and kung-fu kicks, he quit.  Restrepo also says he was verbally abused throughout the flight and after landing.  Hopefully he wasn’t confused with the nasty flight attendants that are now roaming in coach, the ones who are overwhelmed when giving you your three ice cube allotment.

After landing Restrepo first quit then processed to immediately sue Rubio for $250,000.  He is alleging that he suffered abrasions and contusions and of course his dignity is in the dumper. He had only been in Rubio’s employment since August so maybe just verbal abuse was called for, you think?

Rubio needs to try a Xanax or another mood modifier because she is starting to look like hell-on-heels super model Naomi Campbell.  Rubio was arrested last year in Miami after tangling with police and in 2006 she attacked a paparazzo at Miami International Airport with her purse.

2012 has brought Rubio her share of heartache.  In March, she and her husband Nicolas Vallejo Najera were separated after five-years of marriage.  The hubby asked for child support and primary custody of their son, Andrea Nicholas, AOL Latino reported.  Rubio countered by saying she supported the family and her estranged husband never worked.

Maybe that’s why she’s so pissed off all the time!!

The Mexican songstress has sold over 20 million albums worldwide beginning her solo career in the ‘90s.  According to E! Entertainment the singer is ranked as one of the top 25 Sexiest Pop Divas. 

Her publicist immediately responded to the incident with the following statement:

“The allegations made by the Plaintiff Felipe Bentancur Restrepo are the subject of fantasy and make believe. Mr. Restrepo was fired for incompetence and drunkenness. The moment after being fired and eventually recovering from his inebriation Mr. Restrepo ran to an attorney who was representing another individual in a meritless lawsuit previously filed against Ms. Rubio’s company Link Tours, Inc. Incredibly, Mr. Restrepo has concocted a fable about being beaten by a woman half his size. Notably absent from this entire story is any reference that this “beating and humiliation” was documented or observed by anyone on the flight. Mr. Restrepo who had worked form Ms. Rubio’s company for less than three months executed a confidentiality agreement which he has since breached and will be the subject of a lawsuit seeking monetary and injunctive relief.”

Maybe Paulina and her people don’t know its not a good idea to call someone a drunk incompetent when they are suing you for verbal abuse.  Notably absent from the publicist statement is Rubio’s ragin’ past.