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Wednesday April 17, 2013

Is Mattel’s New ‘Mexico Barbie’ Offensive?

Is Mattel’s New ‘Mexico Barbie’ Offensive?

Photo: Is Mattel's New 'Mexico Barbie' Offensive?

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Mattel recently released their new “Dolls of the World” collection and it seems the Mexico Barbie has offended some.

Mexico Barbie has waist length, wavy black hair and is dressed in a bright pink dress with lace and ruffles. She comes with a pet Chihuahua and a passport with stickers to indicate where she has traveled.

Since the release, Twitter and Facebook have been abuzz about the doll with some calling it offensively “stereotypical” with the dress and carrying a Chihuahua.

With the criticism flooding in, Mattel released the following statement:

The Barbie Collector Dolls of the World line was launched in 1980 and is the largest and longest-running series in the history of the Barbie brand. Each doll wears an ensemble inspired by the traditional costume and fashion of the country. In 2012, the Barbie Collector Dolls of the World line launched dolls from Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Holland India, Ireland and Mexico. Every doll in the current line includes a ‘passport’ and stamps as well as an animal friend providing additional play value.

We consulted with the Mexican Embassy on the Dolls of the World Mexico Barbie, especially with respect to the selection of the Chihuahua. Our goal with the Dolls of the World Mexico Barbie, as well as the entire Dolls of the World Collection, is to celebrate cultural differences and tradition, introducing girls to the world through play.

One has to wonder though, if Mexico Barbie is offensive, what about China Barbie? She’s wearing a red silk dress and comes with a panda. Spain Barbie wears a flamenco dancer’s dress and peineta comb in her hair.

So what do you think? Is Mexico Barbie offensive or simply representative of the culture?