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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 1, 2013

Is Jennifer Lopez Returning to ‘American Idol’?

Is Jennifer Lopez Returning to ‘American Idol’?

Photo: Is Jennifer Lopez Returning to 'American Idol'?

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Yes, she is.

Jennifer Lopez will be returning to American Idol, but she won’t be sitting with the judges. Instead, Jenny from the block will be taking the stage.

Lopez will reportedly be part of this season’s finale, but it is unclear on which of the two-part finale she will appear.

A source recently told E! News, ‘There will definitely be changes to the judging panel for next season. Fox thought the Nicki-Mariah contrast would make for ratings, but there is concern it is like nails on [a] chalkboard for middle-America viewers.’

Though Idol reps have stated they would love to have JLo back as a judge, the singer-actress has expressed she left to focus on her music, and that following her tour, she plans to return to acting.