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Latino Daily News

Friday September 3, 2010

Is it the Sun or Drugs Seized from the Illegals–What Happened to Gov Jan ‘Duh’ Brewer? (VIDEO)

The camera-lovin’, illegal immigrant hatin’, sun drenched Governor of Arizona was not ready for prime-time yesterday.  The Governor was part of a televised Arizona gubernatorial debate that began with each candidate providing opening remarks.  Governor Brewer was the final candidate to give opening remarks but remarkably she was unprepared and stupefied.

She started confidently enough boldly stating “I have done so much and we have changed everything” then proceeded to assert she brought the state back from the abyss – then 16 seconds of silence.  For a woman claiming to single-handedly save Arizona from the abyss you would think she would have super human powers to find her thoughts as scattered as they might be.  Instead she stayed silent with head bowed down, hands clasped prayer-like maybe hoping for divine intervention.  It didn’t come. 

Certain religions believe you are struck deaf and dumb when you speak blasphemies maybe that’s what happened.  As the debate proceeded the Governor never seemed to find her voice or even her thoughts, completely ignoring pointed questions on her assertions that there are “beheadings in the desert” or did she mean she left her head in the desert.  Or maybe the Governor can only speak definitely and on-point when them dang illegal’s are around.  Where are they when you need them?  Or did Arizona blogger Stephen Lemons nail it on the head:

“How did this hillbilly queen become governor? I blame [Janet] Napolitano for saddling us with our accidental, X-ray technician Goober-nor.”  “This [performance] was not an anomaly.”

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