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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 15, 2011

Is Golden Globe Nominee and TV Star Sofia Vergara Ready to be a Senator’s Wife?

The Hill is reporting that television sitcom actress Sofia Vergara’s boyfriend, Nick Loeb, is mulling a bid for a Republican Senate run in Florida in 2012.  Vergara is the very sexy star of ‘Modern Family’ and Loeb an heir to the Loeb Rhoades banking family. 

Loeb had a previous brush in the political arena back in 2009 when he attempted to run for Senate, also in Florida.  He dropped out of the race when his personal life was heading south and he was going through a divorce.

According to Loeb, the Colombian beauty is “very supportive’ of his potential Senate run, even though they would be operating out of opposite coasts, she in Los Angeles and he in Florida and Washington, D.C.  Clearly her Hispanic roots would be a big boom to his candidacy with the large Hispanic population in Florida.