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Latino Daily News

Monday October 4, 2010

Is Former Porker Perez Fit to be Fitness Expert?

The well known and at time controversial celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, is expanding his audience reach with a new website focusing on fitness called FitPerez.com

Image Perez who is sizably smaller these days launched the site today to encourage his large (no pun intended) fan base to be healthier and happier.  Perez does acknowledge that he uses four trainers, seven-days-a-week to maintain his trimmer physique.  It is not known if he will tell all of us how to afford that many trainers or whether our hair color will turn blue or pink as his has with every pound he has lost.

Perez is attempting to become a media mogul, this is the third site he has launched after his core site PerezHilton.com debuted in 2004.