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Latino Daily News

Friday February 11, 2011

Is Facebook Afraid of Motherhood? Breastfeeding? Chileans Want to Know

Is Facebook Afraid of Motherhood? Breastfeeding? Chileans Want to Know

Photo: Facebook Cancells Psychologist Account for Breastfeeding Picture

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A sheepish Facebook has re-opened the profile of Leslie Power, a Chilean Psychologist who had denounced the social network when it cancelled her account for posting a picture of herself, breastfeeding her 3 month old daughter.

Power, a 47 year-old clinician, and an expert in child development received an email from Facebook on January 31, in which the social network was letting her know her account had been cancelled due to her uploading a picture that “offended persons and collectives.”

“They told me Facebook protects its territory on the net against obscene images,” Power said as she remarked that she did not receive a previous warning, reason why she emailed the company demanding an explanation.

Almost a month later, one of her contacts on the site called her and told her that the account had been reinstated, a move that Power described as a cowered Facebook reacting to the press coverage of the situation.

Upon logging in, Power’s also discovered that a lot of her information, and links related to her profession had been taken down. “I had my Facebook profile full of articles about children, neuroscience, brain development and other relevant subjects. I had wonderful things, contacts. I lost a platform to talk about scientific advancement,” said Power who is studying along with her attorneys, the negative repercussions of Facebook’s ill-informed decisions.

The Chilean Psychologist also denounced that other women have been censored and harassed by the network, for posting pictures similar to hers.  “It makes me think that Facebook has some kind of prejudice against breast feeding women; this censorship, and daring to say that my photo is obscene or offensive, shows a complete ignorance about the subjects of Maternal Lactation, and The Early Bond”

Ironic Bonus: Facebook itself has groups labeled “Breastfeeding is not obscene.”