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Thursday October 6, 2011

iPhone 4S: “Lo Siento… No Hablo Español”

iPhone 4S: “Lo Siento… No Hablo Español”

Photo: iPhone 4S Doesn't Speak Spanish

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Siri, the new iPhone 4S voice recognition app, responds to commands in three dialects of English, French and German, but not in Spanish.

The new iPhone 4S comes with a chip upgrade, a nicer camera and Siri, a voice recognition app that allows users to speak commands to the gadget in French, German and British, Australian and American English.

That’s right, the first iPhone of the post Steve Jobs era, doesn’t speak Spanish.

Meanwhile the world of technology and most of the rest of the world is mourning the loss of one of its most important icons, only a day after learning the latest upgrades to the gadget that changed technology, and how people interact with it forever.

“Spanish is a fairly difficult language to interpret for natural voice recognition since there are many variations which sound completely different to a voice recognition software,” said Ariel Coro, founder of “Tu Tecnología.”

This doesn’t mean Spanish will remain unavailable.  The way voice recognition works, is by training the app to recognize commands spoken in different pitches and intonations, a very hard task to do in the case of Spanish, but certainly not impossible.

“The initial supported language for an application many times has to do with the ethnic composition of the founders, how easy they think these features can be implemented, the familiarity of the team with the language and in many cases, available programming resources,”  Coro explained.

And though as Spanish speakers we might be a little disappointed, we certainly can appreciate the Apple standards in not releasing applications until it’s full potential has been tapped into.