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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 19, 2014

Investors to Bid on Power Projects in Mexico Valued at $4.9 Billion

Investors can now bid on 16 power projects expected to draw about $4.9 billion in investment, the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission, or CFE, said.

The projects will allow the power agency to “offer better quality service at a lower cost for the benefit of all Mexicans,” CFE chief Enrique Ochoa said.

This is the second package of projects announced by the CFE since last month.

Two gas pipelines, two gas lines and three combined-cycle power plants will be put out to bid, Ochoa said.

One project involves the upgrading of a hyroelectric power plant, as well as the overhaul of three transmission lines, Ochoa said.

The CFE put five projects worth $2.8 billion up for bidding in July, pushing total expected investment aimed at reducing electricity losses, which are estimated at 8 percent, to $7.7 billion.

“The latest projects up for bids will benefit industry, the service (sector) and households in 13 entities in the republic,” Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said.


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