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Latino Daily News

Monday July 25, 2011

INTRODUCING: HS-News “Matinee” Featuring Up and Coming Latino Filmmakers

INTRODUCING: HS-News “Matinee” Featuring Up and Coming Latino Filmmakers

Photo: Show of the month: "A Two Woman One Act" by Vanessa Libertad García.

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Celebrating, supporting and promoting Hispanic and Latin America’s new generation of Filmmakers.

Show of the month: “A Two Woman One Act” by Vanessa Libertad García.

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In the barrio . . . mortuaries are made for dancing.

A Two Woman One Act is a musical film set on one night in the mortuary of a Los Angeles barrio. Two women, Le Gallienne and La Vibora, find themselves together alone in passionate grief over the death of vicious gangster Panchito – beloved husband to one and treasured brother to the other. With Panchito’s death as the catalyst, the two fierce women are forced to face the hidden and forbidden lust for each other that has secretly tormented their lives.

A Two Woman One Act screened such festivals as The International Film Fest of Cinema & Technology, Outfest: The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and Fusion: The LA LGBT People of Color Film Fest. It is a recipient of the HSF/McNamara Family Creative Arts Grant (2005).

Year: 2005 TRT: 11 min
Written, Directed & Produced by Vanessa Libertad Garcia

Cast & Crew

Vanessa Libertad Garcia

Chris Arias
T.J. Stevko
Gabriela Uribe

Le Gallienne: Sarah Connine
El Hombre, Pancho: Rafael Garcia
La Vibora: Mercedes Le Anza

Cinematographer: Hayley Nenadal
1st A.C.: Nick Crew
2nd A.C.: Brenden Mendez
1st A.D.: Gabriela Uribe
2nd A.D.: Karen Pinto
Grips: Susie Connely , Houston Guy

On Production Sound Mixer: Gregson Gabrio
Sound Designers: Lauren Carara, Laura Schmadel
Composer/Music Mixer: Justin Bates

Costume Designer: Anthony Garcia
Lighting Designer: Steve St. John
Make-Up: Sarah Padilla
Production Designers: Kelly Grimmett , Carolyn Johnson
Art Directors: Megan Anderson, Rita Maloney
Set Designers: Mayra Atilano, Lindsay Koenig, Thadius Roze, Manuel Ruiz
Hair: Jessica Ledesma
Production Stills: Jean – Luc Renault
Choreographer: Sarah Connine